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And so it begins.

4d360a01ee9a2ca4345aca536c9de658Much has changed since I last put my voice out into the blogosphere three years ago. I have come to terms with the undeniable fact that I don’t think I ever really learned how to drive, despite ten years of practice. I know that Excel will always be my arch nemesis and that yes, sometimes I overlook important details (e.g. rent is due at the beginning of the month NOT the end) simply because I occasionally sincerely believe that I know the answer to everything. The inevitable signs of aging also began to show their cruel dark fangs. My best friend pulled out my first white hairs during a month of immense stress and to add to that, I think I’m growing bunions.

However, over the past couple of years I have made some substantial progress. I finally learned how to take care of MYSELF. I meditate and make my bed (almost) every single day. I KNOW that a morning stop at Starbucks to get a hot earl grey tea with a steam soy topper wholly and truly will make me a better person for the day. If I have to go to Starbucks twice in order to contribute to the world that day, so be it. I no longer leave my keys in the door overnight, and I can finally state with pride that I have only once in the past year left the stove on long after I had finished cooking dinner.

I’m not as naive as I was then, white eyed and fresh faced, straight out of college. I’ve grown into my voice – I no longer only have powerful thoughts but also powerful words – and for better or worse, much of my young timid nature has evolved into what some might call a bit of an attitude. I can only hope that this is the budding phase of some fabulous form of grace and wit to develop in the years to come.

I love that I am a constant work in progress.

That being said, I’m on a very different journey these days. I’m a curious (mid) twenty-something searching for connections. My head is back in the classroom, my feet are firmly planted on my yoga mat and my heart is out floating somewhere in between, trying to make sense of it all.

I’m seeking connections with my self, with what makes me tick, with what motivates me, with what lights that fire in my core. I’m looking for connections with others and what elements manifest bonds between us and to what extent are those bonds created and diminished?

A seeker of the unfamiliar with a constant yearning for growth and change, I’m looking forward to integrating the documented lessons of sociology, positive psychology, organizational change and human capital development with an ahem less academic (though nonetheless revealing and entertaining) series of personal development experiments.

I’ll be learning how to see myself and those around me through a fresh lens, enjoying the ups and downs along the way – all with a developed sense of grace and wit. Of course.

Stay tuned.